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Claudia Eligur, Zoe Polyakov, Samantha Fox

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Another Girl

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Verse 1: All the time you stole from me I thought I needed you so desperately All the dark smoke clouding in the air But I still needed to take you everywhere All these drugs were messing with my brain They were eating me alive They were sucking out my pride Pre chorus: I used to see in black and white Now I see Chorus: Color Now I don’t need you And I don’t want you Verse 2: Every waking hour I thought of you You made all my nightmares come true All these twisted thoughts ran through my head Can only hide so much before I’m dead All these drugs were pumping through my veins They were tearing me apart They were breaking up my heart Bridge: Never thought I’d be the one to fall Into the trap oh no I was so low I lost control But now I’m ready Ready to let you go Chorus: Color Now I don’t need you And I don’t want you All I see is color Now I don’t need you And I don’t want you

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This two piece band consists of guitar, keys and drums.  They’re passionate about music and are super excited to be sharing this important message concerning drug abuse.

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