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Jamie Stapel

Sussex County

Song Title
Cry Momma Cry

Music Lyrics


Cry, Momma, cry, for your child, there that’s sleeping

Someday you’ll find you can‘t help but keep weeping

He’s all grown up but still so naïve

Only believes what he wants to believe

Indestructible in body and mind

Thinks he can handle whatever he might find

Cry, Momma, cry, for his eyes, bright and blue

Cry, Momma, cry, for the soul you once knew

Cry, Momma, cry, for the heart that’s still beating

Cry, Momma, cry, for the life he is leading

Everyone knows that teens can be cruel

He finally found a way to feel cool

He’ll swallow any pill, smoke any weed

He’s too busy getting high to hear your silent plead

Cry, Momma, cry, for his future, once so bright

Cry, Momma, cry, for his soul’s fading light

Cry, Momma, cry, for the son you are losing

Cry, Momma, cry, for the drugs he is using

He doesn’t know he’s near the end

He thinks the drug’s his only friend

Cry, Momma, cry for his mortality, for this fatality, for its finality

Cry, Momma, cry, for your son, once so brave

Cry at the sight of your boy’s early grave

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Being one of two a cappella performances this year, Jamie is active in her school theatrical productions and truly loves signing, dancing, acting and songwriting. Her goals and aspirations are leading her to Broadway as well as playwriting.

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