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Rachel Bondar

Camden County

Song Title
You Can Survive

Music Lyrics

1 in 7 teens smoke marijuana Thinkin’ they can reach nirvana But in the end you’ll simply waste your time and money; common’! You know you’re smarter than that! Your life will turn out flat, You maybe be lookin’ for that high But you can’t deny What’ll make you live or make you die Now, throw out that cigarette How? Yes drugs do pose a threat 50% of highschoolers think it’s cooler to try cocaine Drugs are the ruler Of High Schoolers’ lives Yet we can't let drugs make us blind For if we do then we’ll let this problem slide We will not let drugs control us we will win this fight we can survive You cannot, let drugs control you You will win this fight You will survive.

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Instruments played are the guitar, piano and drums.  I hope to inspire people to stop using drugs and to show others that there are alternative ways to cope in times of struggle instead of relying on drugs.

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