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Jaqueline Wiafe

Union County

Song Title
Say No to it

Music Lyrics


Say No to it


You’ve gotta future and it’s so bright

But only if you leave drugs outta your life

You’ve gotta say no to it (Say No to it)

Gotta say no to it (Say No to it)


I’m a star, can you see the bright lights

I didn’t let drugs get a hold of my life

I had to say no it (Say No to it)

Gotta say no to it (Say No to it)


Verse 1

It breaks you down, it takes control, and now it has a hold.

It doesn’t wanna let you go

It takes your time, you waste away, it leaves you all confused.

I’m telling you that it abuses you!




Verse 2

I’ve seen a few, who took a puff, they think the party’s on

They’re so far gone!

Your future goals, your future plans, just kiss them all goodbye.

You smoked it all away with the crack pipe!





If a friend wants to give you a joint then you gotta say no…

If they’re giving you a drink stop and think…man you gotta say no…

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Jaqueline began singing at the age of 11, receiving inspiration from Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson and Michael Jackson.   She keeps busy with her music, including partaking in school musicals, and wishes to inspire others to have the courage to reach out of their comfort zones toward their dreams.

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