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Spencer Zubrow & Matt Davis

Somerset County

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Lucid Life

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ESCAPE  by  Lucid Life                                     

(Spencer Zubrow and Matt Davis)


(Verse I)

This is the time of my life

Sober counting the days

Steps I now retrace…

Why take pills in the first place?

Tick tock clock, hand doesn’t stall

Pills kill, give no warning at all

Drugs are a storm that I can Escape

You are a storm that I can Escape



I wont deal I wont deal with you no more

I wont deal I cant deal with you no more


(Verse II)

Can’t keep wasting time

Drugs control your mind

Makes you think a different way

Don’t wana watch you die one day

Kissed old life ‘bye at the door

Free bird flew but flies no more

Here is a storm that I can Escape



I don’t want your pills, I don’t need fake thrills,

Don’t throw ‘m’ down on me

That stuff kills, and I can’t pay those bills,

I like my sanity.



 I won’t deal I won’t deal with you no more

I won’t deal I can’t deal with you no more

 Repeat Chorus         

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Matt Davis and Spencer Zubrow formed their band Lucid Life at Berklee College of Music's Five Week Summer Performance Program. Matt plays drums, guitar, bass, and piano and studies Percussion, Performance, and Arrangement. Spencer plays Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Tenor Bass, Guitar and studies Songwriting, Music Theory and Conducting.  Spencer is a jazz musician at heart and Matt enjoys playing all genres.

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