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Manuel Simon (Manni Festo)


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High Off Life

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“High Off Life”


Yeah, it’s time to put them drugs down man. Stop trying to get high all the time. But instead, just take a look at what you already got. Start getting high off life. ‘Cause life’s already beautiful as it is, you don’t need drugs.


[Verse 1]

Yeah, there’s a little too much people on the drug scene

But not as many trying to know what love means

Only trying to get high and above dreams

But no dreams to get above, homie this does seem like

It’s hurtin’ us and yeah we gettin’ rid of murderers

But where’s the current fuss about the stuff they’re serving’ us?

Drugs, treat ‘em like dirt and dust ‘cause they only give you dirty lies

Trying to get a quick high but then your life just hurries by

Your dough is like the snow you bought you see your flurries fly

Kids with no ambition to listen and I’m worried why

We need a cure ‘cause my people aren’t purified

And if drugs kill ‘em then our whole world is sure to die

Inside it hurts my eyes

Looking at your friend saying “you’re so high, don’t have to give that curse a try!”

Instead, you could just take a hit of life

With that you’re never getting’ stifed so just hop right in the cyph and sing…



Life’s a beautiful thing so don’t waste it

With drugs life can only go down, past the basement

So appreciate it, why get stifed

On the birth drug, put the others down and get high off life

1 (So get high off life

Yeah, just get high off life

Don’t need them other drugs just get high off life

‘cause it’s beautiful, so get high off life!)

2 (So high, so high,

So high, so high, so high,

So high, so high, so high,

So high, so high, so high off life!)

(These two 4-measure parts run at the same time)


[Verse 2]

Drugs are like a cashier sure to give your life some change

Even things with the other sex will never be the same

Only worried ‘bout the high but no one’s with you on the plane

But you could fall in love with a girl who ain’t named “Mary Jane”

You could lose love or lose a lot of friendships

Sooner or later, have to say “yo, I gotta end this!”

‘Cause it’s eatin’ your soul, hard to be keepin’ control

People get cold on you but guess what, you reap what you sow

But it ain’t too late to turn your life around

‘Cause when you stop getting high, then your true height it is found

Ironic the way drugs only keep you flying down

So get higher but on life and you’ll be feeling quite renowned

So make the change now, don’t wait or procrastinate

If you take a hit of life you’ll feel a giant blast of faith

So let it in homie breathe in the air

This drug’s everywhere you just gotta believe that it’s there




Yeah, you know how were gettin’: So high, so high, so high, so high off life. It’s too beautiful man. Shout down drugs, right now.

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Manuel “Manni Festo” Simon has been rapping since 10 years old and recording songs and performing for a few years.   His favorite artists include Jay-Z, Kanye West, Mos Def, Nas, Common and Lupe Fiasco.   Manni dreams of one day becoming a famous rapper/music producer/music manager/entrepreneur.

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