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Madison Alam and Rosa Martinez

Bergen County

Band Name
Madison Alam and Rosa Martinez

Song Title
Make You Worse

Music Lyrics


Make You Worse


            Slow it down.  What you gonna do?  Put it down.  This is not you.  Think about the consequences.  Don’t let go of your defenses.

            I need a release.  I need medication.  Something to relieve all my pain.  I can’t just pretend that I am ok.  How could you understand?



            Trust me, I’ve been there, too.



            It can only make you worse.  I feel like I’m drowning deeper. (3x) It can only make you worse.  I feel like I’m d-d-d-d-drowning.



            You don’t have to listen to me.  But this rut is just temporary.  Drug abuse is not a remedy.  This poison is malignant and deadly.

            What do you expect from me?  These days, help doesn’t come easy and I’m sick and tired of the bad advice.  How can you understand?





            Reflect on your life these days.  In your room with the shades closed all the way.  Alone.  Desolation lays like the cloud overhead while you smoke in your bed.

            Is this what your life has become?  Be the light to guide me home.  We have to undo what you’ve done.  I don’t wanna stay, I wanna run away from all of my mistakes.  Tell me how long did it take?


Pre-chorus 2:

            Three years now I’ve been straight.  Because.....


Chorus 2:

            It can only make you worse.  But I feel so much better. (4x)

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Madison Alam and Rosa Martinez

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