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Madison and Rosa

Bergen County

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Lucky XD

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Verse 1:
Most kids who drink tend to binge but it makes me cringe,
that a person who begins to drink as a young teen,
is four times more likely to do drugs or be an alcy.
Wanna get high but you don’t realize that you could die.
So why get involved in this malignant behavior?
Looks like someone could really use a savior,
‘cause 82% have used it and 50% abuse it,
so let’s get the word out,
we can do it through music.

Verse 2:
Seventy-five percent of domestic violence victims say their assailant was influence,
open your eyes and see the world really doesn’t care.
Just ‘cause it’s you
it doesn’t make a difference
so stop all the excuses and the reasons to abuse it ‘cause the truth is if you use it you’ll regret it someday.
It goes without say but you gotta keep away,
from drugs like heroin, weed, and cocaine.

It’s time to put up a fight.
If we do then we might just save a life.
Everybody wants a piece of light.
Let’s give them a better way to fly.

Verse 3:
Ketamine might be the worst.
The reason’s ‘cause it works.
They say it takes away the hurts but it doesn’t.
It paralyzes you from your head to your toes,
and there goes the perfect life that,
everybody thought was for you.
Grades start going down like your torso on the ground,
not even enough energy to frown ‘cause now
your brain is officially drug bound,
and your world is spinning round and round and round.


Verse 4:
I never thought it’d be me to actually go through what I’m about to so I say this to you,
don’t act a fool,
keep doing you,
but whatever you do,
don’t give in to drug abuse,
‘cause your heart’s racing,
body shaking,
every single thing is aching,
every time that you are “baking”,
nothing’s making sense.
They ain’t waking,
but they ain’t faking.
I don’t know what they were thinking.
What were they taking? Rosey, tell ‘em what im saying.


I’m trying to help you realize,
every year 5 million people die.
Is it really worth that epic high,
if it’s just gonna cost you your life?
Might feel alright,
 for tonight,
 but come daylight,
you’re gonna wish that you put down the pipe.
YOUR CHEST STARTS TO FEEL TIGHT! (that’s how you know…)
It’s time to put up a…


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Madison Alam is a high school senior who sings, plays guitar, drums, bass, piano, ukulele and harmonica.  Rosa Martinez is a junior who signs, plays piano, performs and is also involved in sports.  Madison’s inspiration comes from pop bands and his dad.  He aspires to become a famous musician someday, while Rosa’s inspiration is drawn from Whitney Houston.  She too hopes to become a famous singer some day.

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