2023 Winners & Finalists

2023 Winner

Musician Profile

Jordan "Jswizzy" Wilson

Mercer County

Song Title
Intervention Intentions

2023 Finalists

Alaina Joseph

Atlantic County

Song: Simple

Ambrose Amory

Essex County

Song: Found a Way

Arabella Egan

Essex County

Song: facades

Arushi Vadlamani

Essex County

Song: Angel's Wings

Daniella Conte

Mercer County

Song: Just Say No

Emmanuel "2oondup" Antonelli

Gloucester County


Garrett Gonzalez

Mercer County

Song: Everything Ends

Hassan "Sani" Oats

Bergen County

Song: You've Had Enough

Jade Parker

Passaic County

Song: Pressure

Judah Walters

Cumberland County

Song: Scared of the dark

Leela Kumar

Monmouth County

Song: Passion On Its Own

Mason Davis

Ocean County

Song: Alice

Matthew DiTizio

Atlantic County

Song: revealed

Nathanael Gaw

Atlantic County

Song: Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Sebastian Fuentes, Anthony Gualano, Ryan Kashuck, & Ryan King

Big Toe and The Rest of 'Em

Ocean County

Song: Bernie

Tina LaRosa

Morris County

Song: Wasted

Varsha Gireesh

Mercer County

Song: Addicted

William Cao & Moesharlynn Torto

Chaos In Control

Cumberland County

Song: Back & Forth

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