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Amyrah Campbell

Middlesex County

Song Title
"Drug Free Star"

Music Lyrics

VERSE 1: Be a star be a star that’s what they tell you But how you gone be a star If no one’s there for you How you gone get help If you can’t help yourself? Rather pick up a blunt Instead of count your wealth Got a big family that supports you but little do they know you’re gone you need a rescue Sitting at home thinking about what you did the other night it was quick like a drift Go to school and everyone thinks your perfect but they don’t know your favorite hobby is snorting That white, the snow, Big C Your father did it to see how the cycle repeats? BRIDGE: Over and over and over again I’m just trying let you know that the consequences of your actions can easily be avoided VERSE 2: Bottles up bottles up cause you young they call you light weight so you got to prove them, wrong right? In this world theirs a growing epidemic its pain killers and needles and young people are in it So many have OD and even more lost to gun violence cause there problems wasn't solved. Let’s take a time to have a moment of silence for the ones that lost their lives to this……. Thank You!

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This is Amyrah Campbell’s third and final year competing in this comtest. Amyrah’s future dreams are to be a music artist and role model. She gets her inspiration from Missy Elliot, KeKe Palmer and TLC!

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