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Osmar Rojas

Camden County

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Fallen: Living a life of at the bottom of society, living with no hope, no chance of sobriety With no so many path to choose from, where did it go wrong for I gone numb There’s a demon inside of my head making me go frantic Slowly devouring me until I please it and it goes static A deal with the devil I have made, an unbreakable contract here to obey Replacing all pain with euphoria, but blurring my morality into dystopia What’s right or wrong? Said my uncle smoking up a rock now Little did he know the next day he got shot tryna steal anyhow A life of crime, a convict and felon, parole denied, did his time at the west side Robbery, a few joyrides, and a quarrel with dealer left’em horrified He fought, struggled and almost prevailed, quitting could have changed his life around But He was already stuck with drugs being the only way to cope as his soul drowned We are not all perfect, but it was just one blunder in life that led to neglect and reject Just a single mistake that led to a funeral with only four people because he was an addict Those four people were the ones who hurt the most: His mom, his ex-wife, and his two daughters younger than 8 that can now only see his ghost (Beat Break) Unfortunately, my uncle was not the only victim to such case, For many of my own peers have also joined in his place To the weed dealer who got assaulted, to the kid who stole the car and to the police he halted, and to the other guy who said a few things that were unwanted, all of them to the demons they exalted to But then there are the cases like this girl who was prescribed an oxy for back pain Quickly from medication became a sensation that to attain more as it reigned Three months later, completely changed, prescription ended, and with that her fate Needing more, found a dealer that turned her to the needle, leaving her in an overdose and her life in checkmate An unfortunate case that many can relate, leaving many asking who is to blame? From the failure of the drug war, prescriptions that led to a path to abhor, or peer pressure that you feel for. Despite that, Realize moderation is key, but to most rehabilitation is the only option to see. No matter your past and background recovery is an option that can obtained to a high degree It will not be easy, but clarity and sobriety will help you find yourself again, You’ll break a curse, an achievement many cannot fathom to even gain, But most importantly, you regain connection with those you lost in the process, the ones you loved will be able to see the real you again.

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