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Julia Meyer & Jacqueline Park

Bergen County

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Take Me Back

Music Lyrics

Hands are shaking Heart is breaking Down like tiny fractures Reach for a pill Standing still Beside the broken mirror She laughs at her Darkest fears Minutes pass And fade to years Seasons change with every breath she takes Take me back oh Take me back To a time when I was free It started with just One, she swore she Thought she could handle The side effects the Symptoms, and That god awful gamble She knows continuing’s a curse But stopping now Would just be worse Still, friends and family have raised the stakes Take me back oh take me back Don’t take this life from me Everyone says not to go But it hurts, she needs to heal Maybe if she hadn't started this It wouldn't have been such a big deal Take me back oh Take me back When everything was okay Take me back oh take me back My life has slipped away

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