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Garrett Gonzalez

Mercer County

Song Title
Everything Ends

Music Lyrics

So it seems that you've had a rough time lately And you can't find your way around this time Don't forget the people there for you And though it seems that this will never end It does Don't worry about the people who put you down Karma will find its way around And when they're falling you'll be rising up But never forget where you came from Where you came from Everything ends Never forget Everything ends No matter how slow it will go away Now is not the time to give up on yourself For a time of happiness has just begun Everything ends Never forget Everything ends You will soon Find your happiness Again

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Garrett is a self-taught, multi-instrumentalist composer, arranger, and producer. He started playing at 7 years old, composing original music at 12, and arranging and producing in high school. He's headed off to college next year where he will major in Music Education.

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