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Sebastian Fuentes, Anthony Gualano, Ryan Kashuck, & Ryan King

Ocean County

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Big Toe and The Rest of 'Em

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Bernie used to be a good buddy of mine Till he got into bad business and destroyed his mind Then he got hooked on the Crack cocaine and DMT Is there anything to set poor Bernie free Bernie He started doing them all the time, it knocked him right out of his prime Caught with black tar now he’s stuck behind bars Bernie such a druggie, now he can’t even doggie Bernie Bernie Bernie, Bernie Bernie, Bernie Don’t do drugs

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All members of the band, "Big Toe and the Rest of 'Em" are audio engineering majors at the Grunin Performing Arts Academy. Ryan Kashuck and Sebastian Fuentes are sophomores and Ryan King and Anthony Gualano are seniors. The four of them joined forces to create the best possible production for Shout Down Drugs.

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