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Jordan "Jswizzy" Wilson

Mercer County

Song Title
Intervention Intentions

Music Lyrics

Listen I get it, I'm in the same boat Pain hitting from every angle Thought I was safe Till I felt drops go through my rain coat Drugs have been my safe home Addiction gotta chokehold Hopefully my family doesn't know though Honestly I'm running out of hope so Lately feeling like I lost a half I'm not a whole soul And if I take this hit I can go back to what I call home But if I get caught up they might just lock me up or call home (Yeah) Now, that I got your attention can you just listen my intentions is pure enough to start an intervention cause your strength and your intuition can put an end to addiction and find the piece of you that you've been missing trust me if you see it through then happiness will pay you a visit this is eye to eye trust me these words will help your vision I can't deny that down the line you gon be tempted at least it's not the road that made you make the wrong decision You been up all night I promise you good though take a look back and see the road that you could be on cause you gon rise above I know you've seen a bunch but look how far you've come [Chorus] You got so much more to see and it's important to believe cause you got so more, so much more to see I know you stressing bout the past but now is all that we can be and I know everything is crashing down on you but I know You got it (x4) You got it (x4) You got it (x4) You got it (x4)

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Jordan goes by the name of Jswizzy. Music has always been a part of his life and loves music genres. He started music production in 2020 and began to release songs in 2022. His dream is for his lyrics to connect with someone deeply to and motivates them to work toward their dreams and goals.

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