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Alex "AMD" Delgado, Enzo "MintViper" Pimenta, & Milana Tirondola

Ocean County

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A.E.M - Serious (Official Lyrics) Alex “AMD” Delgado: Intro This is serious, we can make you delirious, you should have a healthy fear of us, ‘cause too much of us is dangerous. Alex “AMD” Delgado: Verse 1 This is serious, drugs can be fatal so you should just hate em y'all lives they can take ‘em. Just don’t do it, if someone asks that you should say no. If they say “you want these'' you gotta run and go home and tell a parent, someone you love or trust you gotta keep a close look out for your friends and family cause this could be the end of a much cherished life, you could save someone you care about from the knife sharp pain of death there’s no gain to stuff like meth or other substances that could get you in to trouble, y’all have got be on the double for your friends safety if you know they’re in something shady maybe you should keep a lookout. Drugs are deadly, they can take you out, physically and mentally, they can twist and contort your mind and body to the point of no return so don’t even let the thought churn. Alex “AMD” Delgado: Chorus This is serious (serious), we can make you delirious (delirious) , you should have a healthy fear of us(have a fear of them), ‘cause too much of us is dangerous. Alex “ AMD” Delgado: Verse 2 Don’t take it, don't pay it with ya life stay away, cause drugs don’t play, you wanna live another day. Standing on ya feet, you wouldn’t wanna try it, and take the defeat. Just keep yourselves away from it all. Don’t wanna take the fall. I know the PSA’s on TV they’ll scare you. But listen up real quick cause they’re all true. Live it clean, live ya life, don't end it fast, don’t get it wrong. Live for long, stay alive, it’s a crime to ya body like self murder. Don’t listen to the mumble rappers while they murmur about their drugs, listen to me now I need ya to see now. We need to shut drugs down. If you take ‘em you’re a clown, if they offer, turn it down. If you’re thinking on it I would recommend you change your mind. Alex “AMD” Delgado: Chorus This is serious (serious), we can make you delirious (delirious) , you should have a healthy fear of us(have a fear of them), ‘cause too much of us is dangerous. Enzo “MintViper” Pimenta: Verse 3 I’m MintViper and I’m serious Drugs make you feel like you're on top of the world But when you come down it's your life that gets hurled You'll be a slave to addiction, forever bound And your life will be ruined if you don't turn around The road is narrow and you're walking a tightrope Drugs will control you and take away your hope Stay away from drugs, don't get addicted to the hype Your future matters more than that temporary high Even if you endure a lot of strife in your life Don't let it get you hooked It's made for you to get Into it Never mind the social risks it's too addictive for you to go on You just gotta take the pain and be strong You'll be good And it's not so hard to see that you can be the best person that you can be Neglect offers of illegal substances it's bad for you Don't you agree with me Take it from me I'm straight edge and I would ask someone you care about what they would do in the situation Make a plan to keep the drugs away and forget the pain you'll make it out clean Don't let negative people intervene Yo yo I’m serious

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This group of students are all audio engineering students at the Grunin Performing Arts Academy who came together wiht their mix of talents, to create a song for the contest. The group is comprised of rapper/producer/songwriter Alex "AMD" Delgado, rapper/producer/songwriter Enzo "MintViper" Pimenta, and mixing engineer Milana Tirondola.

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