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Varsha Gireesh

Mercer County

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You're addicted Unrestricted You're addicted Unpredicted Just a taste, just a little bit of fun now You don't know what's after it, he'll make it seem like all 'wow' What's going on inside, that you'll never know now The darkness inside, it's making a black hole now He's addictive, but don't fall for that He's the villain, you've gotta combat Attractive, but rotten inside You gotta walk your own stride Oh---Don't let him get you He'll leave you all screwed Oh---Don't let him get you You gotta find your way through You don't know all the damage that he could cause you He'll eat you from the inside, all the way through He'll do it slow and steady, leaving your lungs drained of air He'll make sure your dizzy and woozy and then he'll leave you there Oh, yea You know your not yourself, yea You gotta be yourself, yea It's hard to overcome, yea You're not by yourself You just have to trust me Once it's an addiction There's no going back No restrictions You can't control that Which is why I'm telling you Stay away, don't touch that pill Don't you know he's toxic? Slowly killing you, When you need him, He'll be an angel And take you to heaven And you'll close your eyes, but all there is is danger Can't you see he's toxic? Even though he looks sweet Like a brownie filled with poison Taking you from reality And bringing you to a fake fantasy All those lies they had told made you rely on him But now you can't really get over him Just know he won't let you breathe, he'll tar your lungs and then he'll leave He's addictive But he's a luring trap Your friends will say "Keep it going" But you have got to know If you don't stop, He'll ruin you for sure The pain will be slow But you gotta know Your body doesn't like him And even if your mind says "Yes" It's an illusion You're gonna have to fight it Don't you know he's powerful But you're better off You've gotta tell him "Not today" Cuz even if he gives you a dreamland After it all, it's gonna lead to your end

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Varsha is a soprano singer who has been learning different genres of music for past 7 years. She loves composing poems and represented Mercer County for Small Voice in the 2022 in NJ Teen Arts Festival. Her compositions and literature entries were selected to compete at county and state levels and in National PTA reflections. She is also a classical dancer and performer.

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