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Judah Walters

Cumberland County

Song Title
Scared of the dark

Music Lyrics

Wavering thought plague my mind thinking of it Life torn from me in a matter of seconds. (3/4 switch) Where did I go wrong I still hear your voice in my head. Telling me It was trying to destroy my life And it kept me in a temporary dream (Chorus) I’m scared of the dark. But it lights my way It kept me calm So I did it everyday. It’s the reason your now gone And Why You ran away. I should have listen to you For You would have stayed (Next part) I would say I’m fine But inside i cry Only tried it once. And now it’s over a thousand times. So many close calls You have seen it all Its voice won’t rest. And I feel depressed. I’m slave to this thing. Like a puppet on a string. You tried to save me But now it’s too late i finally see (Chorus) I was scared of the dark And now I lost you You cared about me deeply And pain is what you went through I looked at you with dead eyes And slurred speech too It told me to do it. And now I lost you.

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Judah Walters is a 17 years old senior at Vineland High School and is the 23rd winner of Mr. Vineland. He loves helping his school as much as he can and is part of their marching band and Theater program. He's been making music since the age of 6 and especially loves piano. He plans to majoring in music theory in college next year. His biggest confidants are his parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and most importantly,God.

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