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Jade Parker

Passaic County

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it shoots through your body, that's addiction Can't catch hold of it just like your fishing Your brain shutting off slowly wishing That you never did what you did One night at a party with your best friends Peer pressure plagues your heart, you shouldn’t listen And you wish and you wish and you wish and you wish that you didn't but you did, you did Everything’s changed, frozen in time Your body gives up fighting for your life Coursing through your veins, shot up from your nose The heat overwhelms yet you feel so cold Serotonin is low, blood pressure drops Eyes twitching, stomach tied in knots Heart beating fast, needing one more dose Your breath feels far but its so close you're never the same, you always feel so ashamed family judging, never knowing bout your pain friends reaching out getting no reply, as you sit in your room and you cry everything's changed, frozen in time your body gives up fighting for your life coursing through your veins, shot into your skin the heat overwhelms, blood running cold and thin you feel so alone You can't go back in time You can’t rewrite the past But help is always here, to create a life that’ll last Can’t turn back the clock, no matter how hard you try But you can change your ways, and stop all those tears that you cry

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My name is Jade Parker and I am a communication arts major of Rosa L. Parks School of Fine and Performing arts. I love singing, poetry, fashion, and anything that's pretty, like tulips and the color pink . My inspiration for my song comes from my personal

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